How it Works?

Secure Way to

Connect With Patients

On-Demand Visit – most easy, convenient & secure way to connect with your doctor. 


Download On Demand Visit from your mobile store.

1. Create your profile,

2. Select your preferred pharmacy,
3. Enter payment information or Insurance carrier information and

4. You are ready to see a doctor in your community via TeleMedicine!


We find the nearest provider based on geolocation and connect you with board-certified physicians and pharmacy in your community!  In less than few minutes speak to Live Physician or health professional face to face!


Share your symptoms, based on examination, the physician will advise a plan of action and can order labs or send the prescription to your preferred pharmacy right after your virtual visit! 


You can also share your experience with others by giving ratings to Physician/care provider. For most medical visit now no more waiting, and no compromise on the level of care! With On Demand Visit get faster treatment & feel better!