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Are You Ready for Direct to Consumer Telemedicine?

It’s no secret that we live in an “on-demand” world with movies, music, banking and even groceries all at our fingertips. So it should come as no surprise that patients want their doctor visits on demand also.

On Demand Visit allows you, as a healthcare professional, to make the most out of your busy schedule. This easy, convenient and secure technology simply connects patients to a provider based on their On Demand Visit profile. By taking the inconvenience out of in-person medical appointments, the patient receives quality care in a hassle-free way. But that’s not even the best part! The patient isn’t the only one who this service caters to, but the healthcare provider benefits as well. You can receive the patient’s symptoms, perform a virtual examination and send their prescription to the pharmacy…all in just a few minutes! This anytime/anywhere model helps small groups, urgent care centers or specialists to start small and expand to enterprise level.

According to a study by, physicians in 2018 saw between 11–20 patients in an average day. With quick telemedicine visits, a physician has the opportunity to accommodate a higher quantity of appointments while still maintaining quality of care. More appointments means more revenue.

On Demand Visit reshapes the structure of the consumer healthcare experience. This efficient structure ultimately results in a satisfied patient who will continue using the telemedicine platform. Patient- Physician relationships are key to providing reliable care and repeat visits, so offering such a convenient healthcare option will produce gratified patients. Any good business knows that keeping customers happy will generate continuous income, and the same goes for healthcare. On Demand Visit allows the patient to share their experience with others by giving ratings to the physician/care provider. This ratings system generates referrals and increases business.

Now is the time to be part of the cutting edge of direct-to-consumer healthcare. Through telemedicine you will improve your quality of care, foster your patient-physician relationships and generate revenue. The only question now is what are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more about connecting with patients with On Demand Visit.

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