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Connecting Providers with Patients: The New Telemedicine Trend

On Demand Visit is a Direct to Consumer Telemedicine application that helps physicians to connect with patients anytime, anywhere.

Technology allows us to “have it all”. Because of continuous technological advances, we can get whatever we want, whenever we want it, wherever we are. As a healthcare provider, you provide a service to people on a daily basis. It only makes sense to offer the latest and greatest service to your patients. That is why you need On Demand Visit! This application allows physicians from any location, in any time zone, to virtually meet a patient in another location and time zone. Suddenly your geographic reach just expanded from your brick and mortar medical office to virtually the entire map!

Once a patient has downloaded On Demand Visit to their smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac, they simply create a profile, select their preferred pharmacy, enter their insurance or payment information, and within a few short minutes they are connected with a physician in their community who is ready to examine their symptoms and write a prescription…all without the inconvenience of interrupting their daily lives to go to an in-person appointment. That’s right, no more lengthy hold music and no more sitting in the waiting room next to that guy coughing germs into your personal bubble.

For the patient, this simple and secure application allows them to fit in a doctor visit on their own time from wherever they are located. For the provider, this efficient platform allows them to fit increased quantities of appointments into their day, generating more income and more physician-patient relationships. With the administrative tool on the app, physicians have control over their own patient population. On Demand Visit adopts the clinic work flow by integrating with the provider’s current electronic health record system — maximum productivity without compromising quality of care!

Direct-to-Consumer healthcare is not just the future of medicine, it is the present. By using On Demand Visit you are providing the most up-to-date care for your patients. Contact us to learn more about expanding your healthcare enterprise.

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