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Five Reasons You Should be a Telehealth Doctor

The business of medicine is making big strides into the tech world. Telemedicine is recreating how doctors interact with and treat their patients for the better. Now, physicians are even building their entire practices based around a telemedicine platform. OnDemand Visit allows physicians like you to easily launch their telemedicine practice. Through telehealth, you can continue to treat your patients for a wide variety of health issues. You can treat common health conditions such as the flu and infections. You can manage chronic conditions, monitor prescriptions, provide therapy, or provide specialized care in a specific field.

Here are the five reasons you should consider becoming a telehealth physician with OnDemand Visit today:

1. No More Expensive Office Space and Equipment — You can forget about expensive overhead costs to run your practice from an expensive building. Now, you can easily run your medical practice from your home, or wherever you like. Many industries adopted telecommuting decades ago because it dramatically lowers costs. Now, it’s the healthcare industry’s turn to take advantage of these cost-saving measures. Furthermore, if you don’t have an office you don’t need a receptionist or other administrative staff. You can save radically on salaries and benefits for superfluous staff. (Not to mention, the time you will save not having to worry about hiring, firing, and maintaining a large staff.)

2. Your Patients Will Thank You — Your patients will no longer have to deal with all the hassles of making and going to a doctor’s appointment at your office. You will save them valuable time when they can skip the traffic, long wait times, and parking nightmares because they can connect with you in less than a minute through our patient portal.

3. It’s Scalable — Not only can you start your own practice through telemedicine, but OnDemand Visit is a scalable solution that can offer services to multiple facilities, nursing homes, etc. This healthcare platform is perfect for the at-home concierge doctor and the large medical provider with multiple facilities and services.

4. One-Click — In just one click, you can connect with your patient’s care team or with a patient’s family member. You can send push notifications such as reminders for annual checkups, to fill out patient surveys, and to promote special announcements.

5. Express Payments — Through OnDemand Visit you can generate claims or process cash and credit card payments with the practice management module. You can also check insurance eligibility in advance of an appointment.

Telemedicine is not only making doctor visits more affordable and convenient for patients, but it is also changing how doctors practice medicine. Telehealth allows doctors to practice modern medicine in the modern era with modern tools. It creates a more flexible schedule and allows you to be your own boss. Join the new era of medicine with OnDemand Visit. Please visit our website to learn how you can change your practice, and your lifestyle, today.

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