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OnDemand Visit Allows Patients In Rural Areas To Receive the Healthcare They Deserve

When you reside in a rural area sometimes it’s not so easy to get to the doctor’s office when you’re in need of treatment or consultation. In rural America, it’s not uncommon for the nearest available doctor to be over an hour away. And, if you suffer from a longterm illness, it can be timely and complicated to make it to your healthcare provider on a regular basis. But, with the introduction of the new Telehealth service OnDemand Visit, patients are easily connected to a doctor within minutes wherever they are located geographically.

OnDemand Visit is an easy-to-use service that’s accessible to anyone anywhere, providing virtual physician connections in all 50 states. This is extremely beneficial to people who live far from their healthcare providers or who live in a rural area where local providers may be constantly overbooked with patients, leaving returning patients with no option for a last-minute appointment in their time of need.

According to the National Rural Health Association, “More than 48 rural hospitals have closed since 2010 and another 283 are in danger of closing”. These terrifying numbers are a big concern to rural patients in need of proper healthcare. But, with the aid of modern technology, the OnDemand Visit service allows rural-dwellers to teleconsult with a quality board-certified physician in just minutes to get the treatment they deserve.

These virtual treatments via OnDemand Visit make quality healthcare more accessible to rural citizens. It’s a cost-efficient form of healthcare that is transforming the way we view the healthcare system. OnDemand Visit creates an uninterrupted one-on-one interaction to satisfy both patients and doctors in all geographical areas. Telehealth works to bring healthcare to you, so you don’t have to travel.

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