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Physician, Clinician…Businessman?

It is now possible to have your hands in both medicine and business with OnDemand Visit! Imagine ditching the stuffy office, the expensive equipment, employee payroll, and being in charge of your own telemedicine practice.

With an OnDemand virtual visit, available in the app or on your computer, you can meet with your patients from anywhere at any time. This flexibility that you don’t get in a medical clinic or hospital will allow you to expand your patient reach. The more patients you see, the more revenue you receive, and OnDemand Visit makes it easy to collect a payment within one click after completing the televisit. In fact, the whole OnDemand process is simple! The patient creates a profile and is connected to a physician within minutes for a televisit where the physician will consult with the patient, examine symptoms and offer treatment advice. Payment is sent by the patient within one click, and the physician accepts the payment within one click.

Besides simplicity, OnDemand Visit offers mobility. You can provide care to patients at multiple facilities including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and even to patients without a primary care facility or without medical insurance. This is a scalable solution to expanding your practice. You no longer have to be contracted with one medical office, but can work with several at a time. OnDemand Visit gives you direct access to the care teams involved with your patients so you can always be in the loop with treatment and connect with the patients’ family members when necessary. This wrap-around care is valuable to the patient and provider alike.

In an age where everything is just one click away, OnDemand Visit, Inc. makes it possible for healthcare too. Find out more about launching your new telemedicine practice and improving patient outcomes with Telehealth.

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