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Physicians on a Mission — Access to Healthcare for All!

One thing we can all agree on is how expensive healthcare has gotten over the years.

A study done in 2018 showed that individuals paid more than $4,500 per year on average for healthcare plan deductibles, and families paid almost $9,000 per year. Of all the basic necessities in life like food, water, and shelter, our health should be on the list. Unfortunately, it is getting increasingly difficult for the average American to even afford the basic necessity of healthcare.

What if healthcare could be more affordable? What if healthcare could be more accessible? The good news is that it can be — with OnDemand Visit!

With an OnDemand virtual visit, patients can meet with a live doctor through their mobile device or computer. This means that even patients in the most rural of areas, with no nearby medical facilities, can access healthcare. After a quick TeleConsult, the physician will be able to determine if the patient needs to bother with traveling to a hospital or medical clinic for an in-person exam. This gives the patient peace of mind and saves them valuable time.

Not only can OnDemand Visit be accessed wherever, but whenever! After a patient sets up a profile in the app, within minutes they can be connected to a provider who is ready to assess their health. This convenient virtual visit eliminates having to call the doctor’s office, traveling to the doctor’s office and paying parking fees and sitting in the waiting room. You don’t have to wait anymore! And on top of saving money on gas and parking fees, telemedicine saves you money on expensive copays. A TeleConsult with a live doctor will cost a fraction of what the copay will be at the doctor’s office. Wouldn’t you want to find out if your symptoms even warrant an in-person visit before spending all that money?

So whether you are a busy mother who is on a tight budget, or if you live an inconvenient distance away from your medical office, or you just simply value your time as much as your money, OnDemand Visit is for you. Find out how healthcare is accessible to everyone through innovative, direct-to-consumer telemedicine.

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