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Telehealth Prioritizes “Aging At-Home” For Dementia Patients

The Telehealth option for modern healthcare is proving itself in many aspects of longterm illnesses including quality dignified care for dementia patients. The treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s classically relies heavily on longterm residential care that is focused on a patient and provider relationship. However, the situation can become tricky if the dementia patient would like to age-at-home in a more familiar environment.

When a dementia patient wants to remain in the comfort of their own home, families do whatever they can to support this. Oftentimes, family members will take turns driving their dementia diagnosed loved one to their appointments, but with appointments needed on a regular basis to form that patient-provider connection, it can be tiresome on the family and the patient.

That’s where telehealth comes in- families of patients diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s are given the option to have virtual appointments via OnDemand Visit. This convenient service not only helps the family members bending over backward to help their loved ones, but it also helps to keep the dementia patient in good spirits. The patient will no longer have to travel to far-away appointments and the simple virtual check-up will do very little to shake up their daily routine because it can be conducted in the comfort of their own home. Traveling to appointments and residing in a new environment, such as a nursing home or rehabilitation facility can oftentimes result in emotional triggers, making patients feel confused, anxious or stressed, which does not help to improve their mental health.

The use of telehealth monitoring for dementia patients has been proven to improve patient safety. When patients are in an environment they are familiar with, they are less likely to wander. In a study conducted by the Journal of Medical Internet Research, researchers discovered that nighttime falls decreased by 49%. This statistic proves that the new-age of telehealth technology is working to keep dementia patients safe while providing them with quality dignified care in the comfort of their own homes.

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