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The 4 Worst Things About Going to the Doctor

Going to the doctor is a pain (pun intended)! It’s not actually seeing your doctor, which usually only takes 10–15 minutes, it’s the part that comes before. You spend a lot more time planning for and getting to your doctor’s office than you do face-to-face with your doctor discussing your health. There are four huge headaches you must face before you even get to tell your doctor about your actual headache when navigating through our complicated healthcare system. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these became problems of the past?

1. Making an appointment — Why is this process so time-consuming? Scheduling an appointment should be easy. But, you get put on hold, you get transferred between departments, you are asked a lot of questions about your insurance, your age, your address, your health history, etc. And then — the worst part — you have to explain your personal, possibly embarrassing, the reason for your visit. It’s that agonizingly awkward moment when you have to tell a complete stranger who is not a medical professional about your private medical concern.

OnDemand Virtual Visit erases the embarrassment and saves you time. You will never have to wait on hold for 20+ minutes again just to schedule an appointment. With this innovative telemedicine platform, you can talk to a doctor face-to-face within less than a minute!

2. Commuting to your appointment- you have to plan ahead. You have to account for the distance, possible traffic, and you will have to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. If the office isn’t just down the street, that is at least an extra 30 minutes just to get to the appointment. Thirty extra minutes you are not sitting face-to-face with your doctor. Thirty extra minutes you are still feeling sick without a solution to your health problem.

OnDemand Clinic eliminates all transportation concerns. You can forget about the complications that come with driving to a doctor’s office. You can consult with a board-certified live doctor within less than a minute with the OnDemand patient portal.

3. Parking- Why is parking at a doctor’s office always a problem? You have to wait in a line of cars to access the parking garage and get your ticket, circle the lot until you find the elusive free parking spot, ride in the elevator with other sick people, and then find your way to your doctor’s office in a large building of offices that all look the same.

Searching for a parking spot while running late for your doctor’s appointment is now a problem of the past. OnDemand Visit eradicates this nuisance and puts you in touch with a caring and experienced physician in less than a minute.

4. Waiting — We have all been there. Even though you got to your appointment on time, you still have to wait to see your doctor. There is no telling how long it could take. Forget trying to schedule plans after your doctor or trying to get back to work on time. In that office, you are only subject to the doctor’s schedule. Your plans don’t matter.

OnDemand is a virtual platform that puts you in touch with a doctor in less than a minute. That means NO MORE WAITING! Hallelujah!

To see a live doctor in less than a minute, please visit our website and learn more about how OnDemand Visit is on a mission to provide access to care for all!

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