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The Telehealth Service That Saves Physicians Time and Generates More Revenue

“Why did you become a doctor?”

As a physician, you have probably been asked this question hundreds of times by your own patients, family, and friends. We bet you never answer this question, “For the money!”

We know you became a doctor to help people, to make a difference in the world and, to save lives. You became a doctor because you are a good person that wants to have a great impact on the people you treat every day.

In a perfect world helping people is all you would do as a doctor. You would see patients and make them feel better. Sadly, this scenario is only possible in an imaginary world. The reality is that the business of medicine gets in the way. You are faced with the demands of the medical care industry, insurance companies, complicated scheduling, billing, and running a busy office and a staff.

The good news is that OnDemand Visit takes away some of these stresses you face as a doctor in the modern era. OnDemand Visit is a new telemedicine mobile platform on a mission to provide access to care for all. It’s an innovative patient portal for physicians to connect directly with patients without hassling with the complicated administration component that usually accompanies doctors’ visits. It saves time for both physician and patient, giving you the space to care for your remote patients as you see fit.

While we know you didn’t become a physician to get rich, your revenue stream is still a very important part of your business. Telemedicine allows you to see more patients in a single day — meaning you can optimize performance which results in better care for patients with a better revenue model. When patients don’t have to drive to your office, get stuck in traffic (and inevitably arrive late), find parking in a busy parking lot, check in at reception, search through their wallet for their insurance card, fill out paper work for 15 minutes, and then wait…and wait…and wait to see you for just a 10 minute visit, you (and your patient) save valuable time and you can provide more value based care!

OnDemand Visit is a user-friendly app for both physicians and patients through which you can provide patients with the highest level of quality and cost-effective healthcare. Through this remote clinical services platform, you can provide care to more patients and optimize your practice management at the same time. With OnDemand Visit, your business will run more efficiently and will have less administrative-related costs, so you can expand your practice to help even more people in need.

Not only will you find this direct-to-consumer platform convenient and efficient, your patients will also find it helps improve their overall experience with you and your practice. Scheduling an appointment at the right time and the right day can often be a frustrating hurdle for patients to overcome. The flexible scheduling of OnDemand Visit and reduced travel time for patients means they don’t have to go through the process described above just to see you face-to-face. Patients will appreciate the convenience and time saving mechanisms of tele-consulting with you.

Visit the OnDemand Visit website to learn more about how you can connect directly with your remote patients through telecommunications technology while saving time and increasing your revenue stream.

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