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The Use of Telemedicine without Compromising Physician-Patient Relationships

There are new consumers on the rise. These consumers use various forms of technology to communicate. They want instant access to information and they want instant results. While the rest of the world is evolving to meet these new consumer standards, telemedicine is also adopting the direct-to-consumer model.

OnDemand Visit connects providers with patients through an app-based platform that consumers are now more than ever familiar with. This innovative healthcare solution allows physicians to expand their patient reach while maintaining their quality of care. During an OnDemand consult, doctors will be connected to a patient within minutes of the patient launching their app. The doctor can then perform a TeleConsult to examine the patient and determine if an in-person visit is needed, or if they can simply advise the patient on treatment options through their virtual interaction.

A physician may be concerned that losing this in-person interaction will cause the physician-patient relationships to suffer. These relationships are imperative to keeping open communication about a patient’s condition, creating a trust to make better clinical decisions, and ultimately keeping the patient under the same provider’s continuous care.

Though this concern is valid due to the importance of physician-patient relationships,

OnDemand Visit will only strengthen communication. In a survey done in 2017 when Telehealth was really starting to make its debut, the results showed that more than half of the respondents were willing to use telemedicine with their current provider because of the relationships they had already established with their physicians. This means that a provider offering telemedicine will not lose patients, but will actually be able to increase the number of visits for their physicians through the use of such a quick and efficient platform. Costs will decrease for patients and providers alike, and the increase in TeleConsults will multiply revenue for the doctors.

Doctors want what is best for their patients. OnDemand Visit is the solution to keeping up with consumer demands while sustaining excellent patient outcomes. Ask us how to incorporate OnDemand Visit into your healthcare model.

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