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Two Outrageous Facts about Traditional Medical Practices

1. On average, patients spend more than an hour and a half to commute, park, wait, and fill out paperwork per every 20 minutes they spend face-to-face with their doctor.

2. Patients wait an average of 21.7 days for a first-time consultation with a primary care doctor and up to 44.8 days to see a specialist.

These statistics no longer apply when doctors and patients take advantage of OnDemand Visit, an innovative telemedicine patient portal platform. Telemedicine reduces the unnecessary logistical obstacles that inevitably accompany a traditional doctor’s visit. This, in turn, reduces per member per month (PMPM) spending.

In a study conducted by the Community Health Center and the University of Connecticut Health Center in 2018 found that costs are reduced when utilizing a telemedicine platform. The main source of savings was due to a reduction in unnecessary, expensive tests and treatments. Primary care physicians were able to manage and coordinate care for more of their own patients, reducing the need to refer patients to specialists. Furthermore, the waiting time for referrals was reduced for those who did need to see a specialist.

In the same study, more cost savings were attributed to medical groups that “invest significant resources not only in scheduling specialty visits for their patients, but also in providing extra support to help patients overcome financial, transportation, and other logistical barriers to reduce the likelihood of a no-show.”

Another study from Canada discovered that not only does Telehealth reduce costs for the medical community, but it also reduces unforeseen costs for patients such as transportation expenses and missed wages from taking time off work.

In addition, the rising trend in the use of technology, including telemedicine, cannot be ignored. People are increasingly more comfortable doing almost everything online and through their phones that they weren’t ten years ago. Ten years ago, people were not ordering food or making large purchases on their smartphones with the frequency they are today, for example. In 2013, just 350,000 patients used Telehealth services. In 2017, 3.84 million patients took advantage of a face-to-face patient-physician portal like OnDemand Visit.

A Massachusetts General Hospital study found that 90% of patients who participated in a Telehealth consult reported that, “the encounters significantly improved their healthcare experience.”

The trend in virtual doctor’s visits is here to stay. A 2018 Employer Benefit Research Institute survey found that 40% of millennials reported that Telehealth was “extremely or very important to them.” As millennials get older and have more health concerns, Telehealth will be even more in demand in the near future.

Join the new era of virtual medicine with OnDemand Visit. Please visit our website to learn how OnDemand Visit is on a mission to provide access to care for all.

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