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With OnDemand Visit Doctors Save Time and Improve Their Business

The new method of telemedicine is sweeping the nation, connecting patients and doctors virtually rather than in a traditional hospital setting. It’s clear to understand the convenience for patients, allowing them to get a doctor when they need one in the comfort of their own home. But, what is the payoff for healthcare physicians?

OnDemand Visit is greatly rewarding to healthcare providers. With OnDemand Visit, doctors are able to improve their healthcare business by being readily available at a patient’s time of need. By the physician being available whenever and wherever with a one-on-one direct virtual interaction, a trusting doctor-patient bond is securely established and can, therefore, continue growing throughout the time of the patient-doctor relationship.

The amount of time it takes a doctor to perform a virtual visit with a patient is greatly reduced using OnDemand Visit. Time is money and when compared to the traditional office visit, OnDemand Visit does its job to create a better quality experience in less time. This is because the appointment is a completely uninterrupted block of time between the physician and the patient, rather than one doctor hopping from room to room diagnosing multiple patients at once, which is what occurs in a traditional healthcare setting. OnDemand Visit allows for more focus in less time, making for more quality diagnosis.

By utilizing OnDemand Visit, healthcare providers will no longer be frustrated when a patient does not show up for a visit, is late to their appointment, or cancels last minute. With OnDemand Visit, the patient is connected with them within minutes, so there is no wait time for the provider or the patient. With zero wait-time, appointments become much more efficient for the doctor, allowing them to treat more patients within a day and expand their patient directory.

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